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Electroluminescent Divinity series
collaboration with Murcat

"With co-aligned sensibilities in glam and a million other things, our collaboration seems inevitable in hindsight.  But it came as a surprise: one time she asked me what I thought about merging my neon with her paintings, and I immediately dug the idea.  I figured gears would turn and inspiration would strike randomly, as it does.  Instead about a week later I receive a photo of a painting already half-finished, she's got a palette picked out, an idea for the neon and everything.  Once she sinks her teeth into something, she moves like a bullet."


"Nowadays when people ask me what I do, I get to say I literally make girls glow."

The series has continued to evolve along with the artists since its conception in early 2021.  It served as the cornerstone of their joint show It's Gunna Be Lit in 2023.

Connect with Murcat at

or on instagram @artbymurcat


Acrylic, glass, noble gas, mixed media on wood panel



She Dreams in Color, I Gaze in Blue

2021  -  features blacklight paint

From Dusk 'Til Dawn



2023  -  features blacklight paint

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