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The Trinaculum


Glass, metals, noble gas, Teflon

The truth shall set you free.  First, it will piss you off, then it shall set you free.

There is an eternal pattern, an inviolable sequence, so universal to experience it's been called the fingerprint of god.  Like a butterfly's transformation it is not a mere upgrade, but a total dissolution & reconstruction.  A journey all the way down to gather the pieces needed to soar all the way up.

The trinaculum is the path of creative destruction from the ideal, through that ideal's utter negation, and ultimately to a fusion of both that is only contradictory on the surface.  The result glistens in its imperfection.  Fitzgerald called intelligence the ability to simultaneously hold two opposed ideas in mind, and still function.

Nowhere does this trinacular shape not outline the silhouette of growth.  It is an annihilatory experience, and it is liberation.

"If you're going through hell, keep going." -Winston Churchill

Thesis --> Antithesis --> Synthesis

The artist has rendered this ancient pattern in three heart symbols, iconic of the modern era.  Like a soul evolving through these steps, each is made from a different glass but the same neon gas fills all three.  The animator is custom made and features revealed bus bars and contacts hot with mains electricity, switched on and off by a camshaft: the indestructibility of the sequence permanently cast into hardware.

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